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A Fully Virtual Exhibition:

Resolve Business Management (RBM) is excited to announce the launch of – the world’s first Virtual Exhibition and conference for the printing industry.

The Virtual Exhibition will work in the same way that a live exhibition does, except that you can visit the show 24/7 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world and without the cost of flights and hotels.

The 10,000m² venue and all the stands will be rendered out to real physical dimensions. So that when the show opens in June 2020, visitors will register and be able to navigate through the hall and visit stands, complete with 3D products, HD videos and literature downloads, generating real time sales enquiries.

Exhibitors will be able to update the products on their stands with a range of interactive content that visitors can explore and download. An intuitive search interface and interactive floor plan ensures that the show is easy to navigate, and the best content is always found first.

Show Director Wayne Beckett

Show Directors Wayne Beckett and Chris Watson of RBM have a lot of technical experience managing cloud based products for the print industry, but more importantly a lot of knowledge about running a large-scale print industry exhibition.

Wayne commented “It is clearly the right time to launch a virtual print show, not just because visitors are likely to be restricted to physical trade shows for some time, but more because with the sustainability advantages and better accessibility for visitors.”

Wayne continued “We know that a lot of companies are geared up for new product launches later this year and with no current trade shows, this will have a massive impact on their businesses. will give suppliers a regular stream of enquiries throughout the year and their stand URL’s can be used for advertising and marketing opportunities outside of the exhibition.”

Another added advantage of a virtual exhibition is that exhibitors will be able to keep updating their stand or featuring a different produce each week if required. Through their admin back office exhibitors can change the content such as vidoes and brochures as regularly as required.

In addition, will be running a monthly conference programme, where exhibitors can run seminars and demonstrations to a global market. We will also be working with various print associations around the world to produce country driven content. The conference programme will be promoted through the press and social media to make sure visitors keep returning to the show.

Once the show goes live in June, will invest massively in promoting the show around the world to end users. Exhibitor VIP passes will be issued in the same way as traditional shows in order to drive footfall. is co-locating with another popular virtual trade show which has received over 40,000 visitors since it opened in January. It will be located in Hall #2 hosted on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform.

For more information on shell scheme packages and custom builds, please visit the website.

For more information please contact with Show Director, Wayne Beckett via email: or cell phone: 07496 616063




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