On the cusp of Fespa Eurasia, 8-11 December 2016 at the CNR Expo, Istanbul, Turkey, we had the opportunity to talk to Kevin Shimamoto, General Manager, Wide Format Technology at Memjet

Memjet created a whole new category of inkjet printing when it introduced their revolutionary printhead technology. These color printheads use Memjet’s unique Waterfall Printhead Technology™ that fires millions of ink drops per second. The waterfall technology and related components hold approximately 3,500 global patents, demonstrating both the innovation and the value of this solution. Memjet has since grown to become a global leader, offering page wide, color printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability to a growing number of customers and markets, with a focus on desktop, wide format, and production applications. Memjet maintains its corporate office in San Diego, and has offices in Dublin, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore and Boise, Idaho. The company is privately held. Kevin Shimamoto talked about their company and get some insights on the wide format printer industry. The interview was conducted via recorder, and the transcript is here below.

Could you please tell about yourself?

“I am Kevin Kmoto Shimamoto. I am General Manager for Memjet wide format packaging business at Memjet.”

Could you please tell about Memjet technology please?

“Memjet technology was invented about ten years ago, founded in Australia with headquarter in Sydney and California. We basically pioneer single pass printing with very innovative printhead which can continuously fire 700 million drops per second with an able to utilize that printhead had different configurations to print always if that single pass but in various widths, various speed, very image quality but really the fastest single pass printing technology with high resolution at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market today.”

We have an economical fluctuation in currency. We wonder if you will provide an extra offer for your distributor in Turkey?

“We recently work with our distributor with my OEM partner regularly to make sure that we have the most aggressive best pricing for this market understanding how important Turkey market is and understanding what we need to be successful were able to develop high resolution that utilize larger intense but also lower the capital cost printing price to have a special price for Turkey.”

What do you think about future of the Turkish industry?

“We are excited. We think that single pass printing could not only can really extend within Turkey not only within wide format applications like cab and cartridges with another sub segment like commercial print, label, mailing, addressing and then hopefully new categories such as textile and 3D printing. I think we believe there is a lot of opportunity and a lot of those applications either exist within Turkey today or we can create new applications that merge from utilize that technology.”

What about your investments and moves after 2017?

“We continually investing in our technology primarily RQR technology, printheads, inks and the mechanism to support those printheads. We continuously investing the major printheads, inks to print faster, quality, image quality, all at a lower cost for so we are hopeful for our next generation of technology will improve of the major future set of our RQR technology today.”

Do you have a new technology beside Memjet in the fair?

“Memjet recovery the energize next generation printhead, inks and cartridges, those major of OEM partners that integrated within very different print solutions. We really rely on our strong OEM partners with good experience, specific market segment but also in designing, manufacturing print solutions that they can distribute in different market space.”

What products did you exhibit in this fair?

“We exhibited Vortex 4200 wide format printers that is distributed by GFK. The core element of Memjet wide format technology that powers the Vortex 4200 is five Memjet printheads that deliver single-pass printing for never-before seen speeds. The Vortex 4200 wide format printer targets several print applications, including CAD, AEC, GIS and point-of-sale graphics with a combination of speed and quality never before thought possible. Coupled with some of the most environmentally friendly inks available and very low power consumption, the Vortex 4200 wide format printer is not only fast, flexible and of premium quality, but also a friendly product for our environment.”

Do the visitor and companies like your products in Fespa Eurasia?

“They do. They realize value and very fast print speed we offer high image quality, resolution and turncost feature that low capable and low running cost the combination of these three things has been very firmed in the market place. I like Fespa Eurasia and I like Turkey.”

Lastly do you have a message to industry in Turkey?

“Last closing message is just to look at single pass printing to find out which can be advantages for your individual business. All of the print head based on customer based on workflow, environment single pass printing can bring great efficiency and benefit to grow individual business but it really depending on their business today where they can optimize for itself. There is an extreme value in single pass printing, it just differs by print jobs so it’s good to investigate how single pass print can benefit every individual business and grow that business.”

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